Oliver Hull and Celeste Njoo
8 May 2016 – 9 May 2017

100.5 MB, 52 pages

A publication which contains research and companion publications for each of the books produced for 7.45 books by Celeste Njoo and Oliver Hull. The information is hidden using various different methods of steganography, the practice of hiding information within other non-secret texts. The viewer is forced to use their own methods of research to find techniques of steganography to decipher the texts.

24.5 cm × 17.7 cm, 84 pages, edition of 10

A book of stockphoto like collages that are proposals for performances and sculptures on the relationship between acting and materialism.

Possibility reader
12.25 × 8.85 cm, edition of 10

A book of small texts that describe the collages in Possibility.

8.4 × 8.4 cm closed, 84 × 84.1 cm open, 20 pages, edition of 7

A book that documents Celeste's attempt to describe her design process to Oliver.

Sol Do Sol
18 × 10.8 cm, 108 pages, edition of 3

The synopsis of Frigyes Karinthy's 1916 Sci-fi novella Voyage to Faremido Reads:

“A planet peopled by Machines who regard organic life as a disease. Gulliver is held on trial as a representative of the most corrupt disease in the universe - the disease of humanity.”

These machines speak in Sol Re Sol, a universal language designed by Francois Sudre. It was designed so that is can be communicated through seven units of anything to enable all people to use it regardless of ability, as it can be adapted to use any of the senses.

Near the beginning of the novella Gulliver first encounters the language, and slowly begins to interpret and understand it, finally communicating with the machines of Faremido. Sol Do Sol is a translation of these three pages of Voyage to Faremido into Sol Re Sol, attempting to use the language broadly, speculating on different ways it could be communicated.

20 × 24 cm, 72 pages, edition of 3

Mood is documentation of an 8 month project situated in Celeste and Oliver’s apartment. Mood rings were glued to the apartment’s walls and windows in each room. The project weaves a narrative linking feelings, weather and economics via the device of the mood ring.

22 × 28 cm, 32 pages, edition of 3

Deimos is about Celeste and Oliver’s local park and its relationship to Mars smallest moon.

Melbourne sun; the Kimberley
15 × 10 cm, 72 pages, edition of 3

Geology & Landforms of the Kimberley (1996) by The Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM) Government of Western Australia. Reproduction created from sunrise to sunset in St Kilda East 22nd of April 2017.