Martín La Roche
1 Mar. 2018 – 1 Mar. 2019

Narcis / quickcrossword Nr 13.692 V9

14.5 × 20.5 cm, 18 pages, edition of 69. Printed in a Gestetner machine of Erwin Blok. This version of the Quickcrossword Nº13.692 V.9, takes images of the Narcis Schoolkrant that Erwin Blok printed since he was 10. As he says: "Mimeographs spread love, they will save the world".

13 × 21 cm, 208 pages, edition of 250

For this publication Dongyoung Lee selected 100 indexes from English learning books. Artist Martijn in't Veld wrote a preface entitled 'Wardrobe of Words', and Martín La Roche created the 45 endnotes that relate certain words in the indexes with images from his cellphone archive. 'English (100 indexes)' is the first series from 100 Indexes. The second one is 'Physics'. Dongyoung Lee uses graphic design to create autonomous forms and invite other creative minds to join her process. Made public by GoodNeighbour, Amsterdam.

17 × 20 cm, 80 pages, edition of 300

In early 2018, drawings, photos, prints and images coming from the archives of the artists Jacqueline Machado de Souza and Martin La Roche, were presented hanging from sticks in different sections of a bookshop; the Dominican Church in Maastricht. A documentation of all the installed pieces are compiled in this Synecdotheque, providing a printed record of the exhibition and a portable register of the joint collections of Machado de Souza and La Roche. Designed by Dongyoung Lee. Made public by GoodNeighbour, Amsterdam.

Ecfrasis Nov 2018
31.5 × 31.5 cm, 2 Records, edition of 300

The recording of the voices of 29 Chilean artists describing an artwork they would like to create or select from their work for a hypothetical exhibition in Amsterdam 2020. This was the origin of the sound material for a double vinyl called ECFRASIS. All the artists have been part Muro Sur, an art space and collective that became a very interesting and refreshing proposal to approach the art experience in Santiago de Chile on the 90' and now back in Amsterdam. Published by Muro Sur.

Word Salads Nov 2018
43.2 × 4000 cm (when completely extended), 1 roll, edition of 2

40 metre print commissioned for the exhibition Monumental Riso; the art of forgetting in the context of the Magical Riso biennial. Printed in the Gestetner Machines of Erwin Blok. Video documentation by Ben Brack.

KCH Nov 2018
23.5 × 11 cm × 10 cm (unfolded), edition of 96

This folded booklet is a proposal for origami therapy after Toshiko Kobayashi. GoodNeighbour, Amsterdam.

Sufferin' Succotash
7.5 × 10.5 cm, 4 pages, edition of 50

This re-edition of the 1971 publication Sufferin' Succotash, is published in a 2:5 reduction of the original size, for use by the Musée Légitime ( a museum inside a hat), curated by Martin La Roche. Copyright 1971-2019 by Ron Padgett and the Estate of Joe Brainard.

Icaros Mar 2019
Variable dimensions (10 exemplars)

A proposal for a new category of books, made for the clients and patients of PHP's library at the Behavioral Health Service of the Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn, New York. The name "Icaros" refers to the medicinal songs sung by shaman healers in the Amazon jungle. The new category contains books that assemble space, images, narration and text. Something closer to the "chemistry book". Video documentation courtesy of Steve Remich and Reiley Wooten.