Meghann Ney
1 Mar. 2018 – 1 Mar. 2019

6.8 × 9.4 cm, 45g, 78 pages
open edition

An accordion fold book of miniature landscapes that, when unfolded, are revealed to be fragments of five larger photographs. Printed in black and white on a plotter printer, meander-style accordion fold, paper over board covers, and vellum belly band.

9.5 × 9.5 cm, 108g, 40 pages
open edition

An inside look at a loaf of bread. Digitally printed.

Pizza Night: The Collected Menus, 2014–2018
12.7 × 21.6 cm, 76.5g, 32 pages
open edition

Beginning in 2014, the author and her boyfriend embarked on a mission to perfect pizza making at home, necessitating large pizza dinners to test the results. Menus produced for each dinner were saved and reproduced within. Digitally printed, dos-á-dos binding with sewn saddle stitch sections.

Shenzhen to Hong Kong: Photographs from a Trip, July 2018
14 × 23.2 cm, 105g, 80 pages
edition of two

The author traveled to Asia for the first time, taking over 800 photographs on her iphone, but the images were never shared with anyone else. The entire group of photographs is reproduced here. Digitally printed on light-weight sketch paper, sewn saddle stitch.

Plant House: A Field Guide & Care Manual
15.2 × 22.8 cm, 196g, 64 pages
edition of two

A guide to the author's house plants, both to document the collection and offer guidance potential caretakers. Digitally printed, French link hand binding.

Eau Claire Analog (Issue Two)
20.3 × 24.1 cm, 125g, 44 pages
100 plus proofs

Issue two of a zine produced by the film photography collective Eau Claire Analog. Digitally printed, stapled saddle stitch. Available at

20.3 × 30.5 cm, 142g, 24 pages
edition of two

Based on childhood doodles, a book of letterforms composed of lines only demarcating the counter space of each letter framed by the 'block' of the page. Hand drafted, sewn saddle stitch.

14 × 21.6 cm, 383g
edition of one plus loose sheets

This book was the first idea I had in this challenge and the first book that I began to work on. But as the process (and the year) went on it became clear that the book as I had originally conceived of it was not going to work out. Not that it couldn't be completed, but that I had no desire to because the book was lacking something important. It is, you might say, 55% there in that it exists as an object that can function as a book. But the most important 45% is missing - the creative, conceptual, interesting, purposeful parts of the project do not exist here, which is why, in the end, I chose not to fully complete the book.