Lou Hazelwood
23 July 2015 – 23 July 2016

Double Con-Figuration
26.5 × 21 cm, 12 pages plus fabric insert, edition of 60, jointly published with Katya Robin

Collaborative book featuring Lou Hazelwood’s altered Victorian magic lantern slides and Katya Robin’s word-images of Doppelgängers.

of or on nostalgia
11 × 21 cm, 16 pages, edition of 250, jointly published with Marcel Craven at

Collaborative book made by conjoining two texts: Lou Hazelwood's 'The Nostalgic Image and How it Teases us to be Narcissists' and Marcel Craven's 'DRINKS WITH SAMUEL AND A LETTER FROM JOHN, IN AND ON NOSTALGIA AND NARCISSISM - IN AND OUT OF FRAMEWORKS'

Art is a Popularity Contest
[32×] 6.2 × 10 cm (cards), 6.8 × 10.8 cm (box), edition of 75, published by

This Top Trump style card game uses artist's facebook pages as it's source material. Each card has four categories (likes, friends, popularity and special interest) to see if your social media presence on facebook as an artist is working.

Harold and Maude - Carbon Copy
21 × 29.7 cm, 38 pages, edition of 300, published by

A script made by transposing the audio from the film ‘Harold and Maude’ with speech recognition software to a binary dialogue between Harold and Maude. Two scripts are included to enable reading and re-readings.

Career Concerns
30 × 43 cm, 5 pages, edition of 13, published by

A hand stitched hard back book with gold leaf lettering. Five pages of double spread photographs of superimposed magic lantern slides showing popular careers of the period on Hahnemuhle heavyweight fine art baryta paper.

The World's Best Photographs
- Third Series
15 × 23 cm, 194 pages, edition of 100, print on demand published by

Finding this old book in a charity shop and considering what is the 'best photograph' new images with text have been inserted. Utilising found photographs from the same historical period 13 different three little word statements have been added with 'letraset' over the photographs and then over the images in the original book. Three layers of intervention and three word statements for this third series publication.

Common Properties
[8 ×] 10.5 × 14.8 cm, edition of 100, jointly published with Jo Ray at

In 2013 Lou Hazelwood and Jo Ray proposed a conversation through making, with the intention of exploring the difficulty of communicating our reality to another; pondering the gaps and overlaps that may arise as they tried to make their experiences known. Using the motif of the Venn Diagram, the superimposition of spaces situated directly opposite each other became a means of thinking about the intersection of disparate experiences. The set includes four postcards from Hull (where John Venn was born) and four from Cambridge (where John Venn died).

4/5's of 7 45's
7 × loose leaf colour prints with a 7" record slip, edition of 745, published by

Images of seven 45's (single records) from the 1970's, from which 1/5 has been removed so only 4/5ths remain, arranged in different formations to suit.