Joshua Hart
20 June 2017 – 20 June 2018

Conversations on Swansong 2017
595 × 841 px, 44 pages

Annual publication featuring content from invited contributors including Emii Alrai, Isaac Clarke, Cole Denyer, Jill McKnight, Ilya McMillan Ross, Jessica Moore, Peter Simpson, Ruby Smith Fernandez & Emilie Spark.

Oli & Celeste & Josh & Jill Do Europe
Oliver Hull, Celeste Njoo, Jill McKnight & Joshua Hart
21 × 15 cm, 90 pages

In the heavy heat of summer '17, four pals head out from Kassel to Dubrovnik in search of whatever. Expect poetry, collage, confessions and felt tip drawings in this 4-way collaborative diary.

HP+HP+HP++HP+HP+H+PHP+HPHP+HP - It's all the same to me!
Hypatia Moment
21 × 15 cm, 76 pages

Documenting art-objects from Cole Denyer, Oliver Hull & Rosie Vohra and their subsequent interactions from Hypatia Moment's revelatory freak-out session at Serf in the autumn of 2017 (acted out by artists Joshua Hart & Ingram Roeder).

Jill & Josh & their Dead Petz
Jill McKnight & Joshua Hart
29 × 21 cm, 60 pages

For their collaborative exhibition in the winter of 2017 at BasementArtsProject in Leeds, McKnight & Hart found it useful to produce a preliminary design for the exhibition in the form of collages compiled in a single book. This book provided a sort of map from which to develop the installation within the space. The book featured within the exhibition as a work itself.

21 × 15 cm, 50 pages

Artist Joshua Hart takes a serious look at things they would categorise as 'paintings' they have produced over the past ten years. Full colour pages.

26 Years on my Way to Hell
29 × 21 cm, 700 pages

Lengthy account of the artist's 26 years on their journey towards an afterlife. Each edition illustrated individually.

Conversations on Eternal Interstice 2018
595 × 841 px, 24 pages, pdf

Annual publication featuring content from invited contributors including Margaux Foucret, Jill McKnight, Ruby Smith Fernandez, Emilie Spark & Lydia Wilford.

21 × 15 cm, 54 pages

.45 documentation of four 'Everyone' exhibitions produced by Joshua Hart. This .45 edition features 'Everyone is listening' and 'Everyone is totally free'.