Joshua Hart
20 June 2015 – 20 June 2016

Conversations on Swansong 2015
595 × 841 px, 40 pages, pdf

Annual publication featuring content from invited contributors including Niamh Forbes, Joshua Johnson, Francis Lloyd Jones, Jill McKnight, Lindsay Mcmillan, Charles Pryor, Matthew Randle, Emilie Spark, Samm Shackleton, Eloise Walker. Foreword by Gavin Jackson. Accessible here

One Million Years B.C.
Josh & Jill
21 × 15 cm, 120 pages

Documentation of Joshua Hart & Jill McKnight's collaborative exhibition One Million Years B.C. in April 2015 at Crown Building Studios in Liverpool (UK), consisting of works produced during and as a result of their 2014 visit to the Canary Island of Lanzarote.

21 × 15 cm, 92 pages

Selection of illustrations by Muel Hypatia, Caintral Sent Martins, Szmrszlyn Khraznys, Lady Bronson, Patrick Decay, Miles Osiris & Chiron Fugee’s White Ring with writing by Joshua Hart.

If I Made That Artwork...
Josh & Jill
21 × 21 cm, 12 pages

Observations on artworks by the artists Joshua Hart & Jill McKnight.

Seein Silver: The Nighttime Drawings
21 × 15 cm, 124 pages

A short story documenting the horror of an artwork that speaks for itself. Features documentation of the exhibition sSolid Silver at Assembly House in Leeds (West Yorkshire, UK), preliminary sketches and an expanded worklist.

a forest clearing, a cave, a castle, a cemetery or a crypt.
Phases Of Death
21 × 15 cm, 50 pages

A gathering of material from the Phases Of Death project, including the 2013 exhibition Google Glassed & a full reproduction of the 2015 comic In The City. Introduction by Pantaleimon Snakes.

Conversations on Eternal Interstice 2016
595 × 841 px, 44 pages

Annual publication featuring content from invited contributors including Charlotte Cullen, Margaux Foucret, Joshua Johnson, Jill McKnight, Bryan Oblivion, Emilie Spark & Mitt Wheeldon. Accessible here

21 × 15 cm, 78 pages

.45 documentation of four4 ‘Everyone' exhibitions produced by Joshua Hart. This .45 edition features ‘Everyone is a heroic individual’ and ‘Everyone is a star’.