Anne Vincent Dijkstra
1 Dec. 2018 – 1 Dec. 2019

I don't get it (Catalogue sans raison)
ISBN: 978-90-805621-8-9
11.9 × 17.0 × 1.3 cm, 296 g, 204 pages

This 'catalogue sans raison' is a sort of reverse catalogue raisonné and only raises questions instead of giving answers. Apparently the reader who 'does not get it' has to cut out the coupons and post them to acquire further information. The book questions the idea of meaning versus incomprehensibility, in which the 'solution' lies somewhere between complete meaninglessness and the idea that the viewer needs to know more or learn to come to understanding, as is so often the case in (modern) art. Published by Tick the Box in an edition of 60

The impeccable panoramacamera
10.7 × 28.2 × 1.1 cm, 293 g, 102 pages

This self-published hard-cover book contains a selection of around 50 photos I took over the course of twenty years with a panoramic camera. The pictures challenge the notion of the interesting. In contrast to a regular camera, in the panoramic camera this notion lies solely in the format. So I decided to turn the panoramic camera against itself. To disturb its predetermined idea of 'beauty'. Edition of 50 copies.